Our Official Halloween 2015 special Logo
Our Official Halloween 2015 special Logo

Hello folks,

It’s almost Halloween, and so we are unveiling our show . You can watch the premiere live tonight on our channel.  Like, favorite, share, subscribe,  or comment anytime, we’d LOVE to hear from you.

Just a note on the stream, however. This is NOT the finished product you’ll see in the future.  Fear not, someday we may be able to get our own music created just for the series’ we’re creating. This was my first attempt at using OBS streaming system, so there were a few bugs. We’re more than likely going to reread the script and record a full production at some point

Either way, we hope to see you all there! Stay Dapper, friends.

-Samuel “TheRightHandofDoom” Fuentes.

Laughable Livestreams!

Official Laughably Dapper Logo created by Dimension Bucket
Official Laughably Dapper Logo created by Dimension Bucket

Hey everyone,

A few announcements this month.  First off, I created our very  own Facebook page, here: Leave us a like and follow us there if you don’t get enough of us here.

Secondly, here is the official Youtube channel where you will be seeing us fairly soon from:–tq8pghVUruRnFOw Don’t be so surprised that we do not have anything up yet, but that’s where the third annonucment comes in.

So far we have been doing livestreams on my channel, The Right Hand of Doom: However, starting this month we’ll be doing occasional livestreams for you at home to have something to watch while you’re waiting for us to produce episodes. It’ll be important for you folks to watch that first Youtube link this month as we will be premiering  Episode Zero; a Halloween special of one of our segments, on October 29th at 9pm CST. We’re going to have a full cast of folks on the livestream, reading the script I made specifically for this stream. We will also be doing something similar for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but stay tuned.

Now this isn’t to announce that we are going to be opening our doors just yet. This is more of a proof of concept and to get you all interested in our show.  We will also be livestreaming on my channel for Halloween, as a sort of countdown to Episode Zero and to celebrate the best holiday of the calendar year.  Hope to see you all there.

-Samuel “The Right Hand of Doom” Fuentes