Kid Detective- Episode Zero: The Greenish Who Stole Christmas

Laughably Dapper Entertainment Presents:
Kid Detective Episode Zero: The Greenish Who Stole Christmas
Written by: Samuel-Alejandro D. Fuentes and Alysia Lanning
Produced by: JimFear 138 and Alysia Lanning
Music by: Kevin MacLeod:
Artwork by: Dimension Bucket:

Kid Detective- Arcane Razil:

David Vincent Angel/Santa Claus- JimFear 138:

Cameragirl/Toranupiniel- Rougie:

Thomas McGruffin- Samuel “The Right Hand of Doom” Fuentes:

Officer Buttersworth/Cultist 3 (Dan)- MoosedupProductions:

Officer Lawrence Williams- DarkUnicorn:

The Greenish- Lunacorva:

Cultist 1 (Geri)- Phyrephox:

Cultist 2 (Barney)- Wandering Scarecrow:

Citizen 1- Silent Wolf:

Lyle Sionis- Tristan:

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