NEWS AND UPDATES! (July Edition)

Renegades: The Catherine Kimbridge Chronicles, Book 7

Big news, everyone. Our friend, JimFear138 (aka Nathan Dabney) has just put out his first audiobook narration. He’ll be doing the series called “The Catherine Kimbridge Chronicles”. Please support him by giving the book a listen, and purchasing it for $13 on audible.

Part of the reason production has slowed is so that Nathan can focus on getting his career off the ground, which will give him more time to work on Laughably Dapper’s work. Trust me, though, his smooth voice will make you want this book anyway, so go buy it already.

As an update to Dapper:

Laughably Dapper has been on a bit of a summer break, as things have gotten pretty busy all around. We are hoping to go back to production before the end of the month, as well as getting some small amount of content out to our viewers and supporters. In the future we hope to release live streams of Laughably Dapper Entertainment playing Pathfinder. It will be fun all around as they will all be playing Goblins; while I, Samuel “The Right Hand of Doom” Fuentes, will be their great and terrible GM. We hope to get a schedule out for you folks on that in the near future.

We also took the time to start another side project that I mentioned in an earlier video of Doom Plays DOOM, for an animated project that is possibly going to be in our new line up as well. We’ll hopefully have that out before the end of the year.

As all things do take time, and we all are so busy with work, school, both, and stress, things have slowed down substantially. Fret not though, as we are never giving up on getting our bird off the ground. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support of our channel, and our individual members. It is always appreciated.

-Samuel “The Right Hand of Doom” Fuentes