LIOP Special: Meet the Artist!

So we finished the first full month and I wanted to thank you all once again for reading it. It means a lot to me that there’s a ton of folks out there who like this little comic.

To celebrate completing a full month, I wanted to share with you all my #MeetTheArtist contribution and the first two strips I wrote with Manny and Dave. I had just read about the attack in Brussels and while I couldn’t do anything monetarily or otherwise to support them I felt I had to do something. And the previous attacks in France (especially on the cartoonist who were killed) inspired me to take my pen and draw something.

Dave had come a previous comic idea that was just too angry and volatile to work with. He was the brightest spot in that comic and I wanted to draw somethkng that was thoughtful and funny. I paired him up with a roommate that was not too far from myself and boom! I knew I had an idea.

I look forward to seeing what comes next and how the story of these weird folks progresses. I love this comic and I love drawing it. So keep an eye out and maybe even soon I’ll have a Patreon to make it a little more accessible. 😉 Till next time folks!