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I started this endevor with my beautiful fiance, and my lovely cast. We started out narrating creepypasta stories on Youtube, but eventually decided that the world of Comedy suited us a bit better. Here's looking forward to great fun, and funny, in the future.

Terrible News Everyone


Unfortunately that headline is not used ironically. As you know from our previous update, we had been writing and producing our six episode Halloween Special for this year. We had finished writing, recorded all of our audio, and had even begun editing them down and polishing them. However, due to circumstances beyond the control of our crew, we are going to have to cancel this years Halloween event. It will be saved for next year, which we will finish far in advance and release sometime in October 2017.

It is understandable to be disappointed, and even let down that you won’t be getting any treats from us this year. We are too. This is one of the many hurdles that an independently run and owned production team, with zero funding, has to overcome with time.

This has lead us all to consider reinvigorating our crew, and taking steps to start our recordings a new. Our hope is to scrap everything we have produced thus far, and start over in order to release our show in seasons, having things polished and perfected to put out to our audience. We are going to be releasing the episodes completely free, meaning we will be making zero money from it. Terrible business practice; I hear you say. Well, we also hope to give people the chance to purchase the first season when all the audio is done, in order to listen to at your leisure from any device. Alternatively you can wait for each month to pass while we put audio out.

We’ll be working on the schedule and time tables for everything as soon as possible. But for now, I’d like to personally apologize for getting anyone’s hopes up, and for having to postpone our beloved project even further. We will keep the site, and all of our social media, up to date with any further details.

With our sincerest apologies,

-Samuel “The Right Hand of Doom” Fuentes

Quick Update for October


Just so you all know, the Halloween Special is in the writing stage, once it’s done, we’re going into full production. It won’t be based on Stranger Things, though. The writes (read as Razil and Doom) are still watching it. But this years special will be a long one. We’re also going to be Re-Mastering our first special, and hopefully we’ll have it up in time for all of you to enjoy. So keep a look out for more Dapper information.

NEWS AND UPDATES! (July Edition)

Renegades: The Catherine Kimbridge Chronicles, Book 7

Big news, everyone. Our friend, JimFear138 (aka Nathan Dabney) has just put out his first audiobook narration. He’ll be doing the series called “The Catherine Kimbridge Chronicles”. Please support him by giving the book a listen, and purchasing it for $13 on audible.

Part of the reason production has slowed is so that Nathan can focus on getting his career off the ground, which will give him more time to work on Laughably Dapper’s work. Trust me, though, his smooth voice will make you want this book anyway, so go buy it already.

As an update to Dapper:

Laughably Dapper has been on a bit of a summer break, as things have gotten pretty busy all around. We are hoping to go back to production before the end of the month, as well as getting some small amount of content out to our viewers and supporters. In the future we hope to release live streams of Laughably Dapper Entertainment playing Pathfinder. It will be fun all around as they will all be playing Goblins; while I, Samuel “The Right Hand of Doom” Fuentes, will be their great and terrible GM. We hope to get a schedule out for you folks on that in the near future.

We also took the time to start another side project that I mentioned in an earlier video of Doom Plays DOOM, for an animated project that is possibly going to be in our new line up as well. We’ll hopefully have that out before the end of the year.

As all things do take time, and we all are so busy with work, school, both, and stress, things have slowed down substantially. Fret not though, as we are never giving up on getting our bird off the ground. In the meantime, thank you for your continued support of our channel, and our individual members. It is always appreciated.

-Samuel “The Right Hand of Doom” Fuentes

Interview with Dapper!

Our good friend, and editor, JimFear 138  interviewed me and Alysia (Arcane Razil) Lanning on his youtube channel. It’s an all audio podcast, so you can listen as you go. It’s over four hours; that’s right FOUR hours, of content. We discussed the origins of Laughably Dapper, the ideas behind the show, a bit of everything in between. You’ll get a lot of information about the show, and how things are going. You’ll also get an update on how things will be run, such as doing Dapper in “Seasons” so to speak.

Be warned, the podcast contains a lot of adult language (which will rarely be seen in our program). Feel free to listen to his other stuff and subscribe to his channel.

Kid Detective- Episode Zero: The Greenish Who Stole Christmas

Laughably Dapper Entertainment Presents:
Kid Detective Episode Zero: The Greenish Who Stole Christmas
Written by: Samuel-Alejandro D. Fuentes and Alysia Lanning
Produced by: JimFear 138 and Alysia Lanning
Music by: Kevin MacLeod:
Artwork by: Dimension Bucket:

Kid Detective- Arcane Razil:

David Vincent Angel/Santa Claus- JimFear 138:

Cameragirl/Toranupiniel- Rougie:

Thomas McGruffin- Samuel “The Right Hand of Doom” Fuentes:

Officer Buttersworth/Cultist 3 (Dan)- MoosedupProductions:

Officer Lawrence Williams- DarkUnicorn:

The Greenish- Lunacorva:

Cultist 1 (Geri)- Phyrephox:

Cultist 2 (Barney)- Wandering Scarecrow:

Citizen 1- Silent Wolf:

Lyle Sionis- Tristan:

And of course, you can choose to listen to us directly with no video via Soundcloud!

David Vincent Angel Streets of Magic- Episode Zero: Holiday Magic

Laughably Dapper Entertainment Presents:
David Vincent Angel Streets of Magic- Episode Zero: Holiday Magic

Written by: Samuel-Alejandro D. Fuentes and Alysia Lanning
Produced by: JimFear 138 and Alysia Lanning
Music by: Kevin MacLeod:
Artwork by: Dimension Bucket:

David Vincent Angel- JimFear 138:

Cameragirl/Toranupiniel- Rougie:

Kid Detective- Arcane Razil:

Thomas McGruffin/Hat Trick 2- Samuel “The Right Hand of Doom” Fuentes:

Hat Trick 3/Kid 4- Wandering Scarecrow:

Kid 2/Hat Trick 1- Elf Queen:

Mrs. Roche/Kid 3- Phyrephox:

Citizen 1- Lunacorva:

Kid 1/Mom 1- Mama Midnight:

Kid 5/Mom 2- SilentWolf:

You can now check us out on our Soundcloud!


Our Official Halloween 2015 special Logo
Our Official Halloween 2015 special Logo

Hello folks,

It’s almost Halloween, and so we are unveiling our show . You can watch the premiere live tonight on our channel.  Like, favorite, share, subscribe,  or comment anytime, we’d LOVE to hear from you.

Just a note on the stream, however. This is NOT the finished product you’ll see in the future.  Fear not, someday we may be able to get our own music created just for the series’ we’re creating. This was my first attempt at using OBS streaming system, so there were a few bugs. We’re more than likely going to reread the script and record a full production at some point

Either way, we hope to see you all there! Stay Dapper, friends.

-Samuel “TheRightHandofDoom” Fuentes.

Laughable Livestreams!

Official Laughably Dapper Logo created by Dimension Bucket
Official Laughably Dapper Logo created by Dimension Bucket

Hey everyone,

A few announcements this month.  First off, I created our very  own Facebook page, here: Leave us a like and follow us there if you don’t get enough of us here.

Secondly, here is the official Youtube channel where you will be seeing us fairly soon from:–tq8pghVUruRnFOw Don’t be so surprised that we do not have anything up yet, but that’s where the third annonucment comes in.

So far we have been doing livestreams on my channel, The Right Hand of Doom: However, starting this month we’ll be doing occasional livestreams for you at home to have something to watch while you’re waiting for us to produce episodes. It’ll be important for you folks to watch that first Youtube link this month as we will be premiering  Episode Zero; a Halloween special of one of our segments, on October 29th at 9pm CST. We’re going to have a full cast of folks on the livestream, reading the script I made specifically for this stream. We will also be doing something similar for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but stay tuned.

Now this isn’t to announce that we are going to be opening our doors just yet. This is more of a proof of concept and to get you all interested in our show.  We will also be livestreaming on my channel for Halloween, as a sort of countdown to Episode Zero and to celebrate the best holiday of the calendar year.  Hope to see you all there.

-Samuel “The Right Hand of Doom” Fuentes